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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment


Don’t fret. Installing window treatments is not necessarily an easy task if you are not consulting a professional. Follow our three step guide below for an easy solution to window treatment shopping.

Step 1: Find The Perfect Fabric

Many Contemporary retailers sell nice quality drapes at affordable prices. Try West Elm as an example and remember to chose your fabric based on the amount of light it lets in – Sheers, Blackout, Patterned, Silk and Velvet are all options.

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Sheer Drapes


Blackout Drapes
Patterned Drapes
Velvet Drapes


Silk Drapes


Step 2: Select the Right Size 

Use the chart below to determine the size of your panels.

A. Sill Length – Drapes should graze the windowsill for a casual look and especially on windows that are often opened.

B. Apron Length – Drapes should hang about 4″ below the windowsill. This is practical in kitchens and bathrooms.

C. Floor Length – Drapes should be 1/4″ off the floor to create a a polished and elegant look. This also makes a window appear longer.

D. Extra Long Length – Drapes should puddle 6″-10″ on the floor. This creates a romantic look but is not recommended for high traffic areas.



Step 3: Select the Hardware 

From window rods to clips to hold backs, there are a lot of hardware options on the market. This is also an easy way to spruce up window treatments without breaking the bank!

This Bronze rod from Anthropologie gives a regal and antique look to curtains
Glass finials from Anthropologie
Curtain Rod Colors and Finishes

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