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Top Window Treatment Styles


Our philosophy at Dkor Windows and Walls, is that a valence is the frame of the window and a window treatment often feels incomplete without one. A valance comes in many forms – color, texture, material, fabric and so on and the design possibilities for unique and creative window treatments are endless.

Here are some types of valances and inspirational ideas on how to plan your interior design around them.



A very common valance type that are extremely versatile when it comes to fabric and material selection and can be pleated to add texture and movement to the room. Box Pleated Valences are a great idea for common areas where you need you give a touch of elegance.







Wood Cornices are applied to the molding of the ceiling or from wall to wall. These cornices made of wood and thus can be painted in any color. A common paint technique is to use the same color as the ceiling in order to hide the top of the window treatment, but of course, you can also paint the cornice a different color to give an accent to the top of the window.






In this category we have focused on a few select styles. The banded valance is very popular because it gives a touch of personality to the window. Sculpted valances are very personalized and with a Fabric Detailed Valance, it is easy to add little details to the fabric with either color or details in the corners.

Valances are very versatile; they can range in style from Traditional to Bold to Colorful with the option to personalize. The sky is the limit, but remember to always consult a professional! 🙂





DKOR Windows and Walls offers a full range of interior services for your home or business.

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