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How To: Select the right upholstery fabric.


Chances are if you have made the decision to finally tackle the project of reupholstering a furniture pieces  you want to be sure you are going to be happy with the fabric you choose for a long time.  How to select the right upholstery fabric for your needs?


Start with considering what you are upholstering and how you need it to perform for you.  Is it a sofa that all the family members, pets, and kids make good use of on a daily basis?  A headboard in a master bedroom that should be resistant to body oils if you lean against it?


Decide if you prefer a woven fabric with a tighter thread count to stand up to roughness or a smooth silk like vinyl material that can wipe clean and resist staining.


If you are selecting a fabric for an elegant accent chair you may opt for a silk either with a pattern or solid color depending on your style.  A linen like weave can compliment a headboard or ottoman but offer a more casual style. Work with a style that compliments the other furnishings and decor in your home.


Talk with your upholsterer or  textile professional, such as Dkor Window and Walls to help you make choices on factors in your home you may be overlooking.  For example, if the room gets a lot of sunlight you may want to consider something fade resistant.   If you have strong allergies there are fabrics that are lint free and do not attract dust.

Local to our Dkor Window & Walls showroom? Stop by and we will be glad to help you make the right fabric selection for your upholstery project. 

DKOR Windows and Walls offers a full range of interior services for your home or business.

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