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Focus On Your Windows

Put the Focus on Your Window Treatments

At home you can always be creative and put the focus on your windows in a fun way. Here are some inspirational Window Treatment ideas on just how easy it is to hang curtains yourself. Most home retailers, such as West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, etc. carry affordable and beautiful window treatment options, including the curtains, curtain rods and finials (those pretty little knobs at the end of the rod).

Have Fun With Drapery Fabric: 

As you have read from past blog posts, drapery is always a good idea and an easy one at that!  You can play with the options of drapery by using fun fabrics that explore different colors, texture, materiality and pattern. Window Treatments offer endless possibilities!

One great idea that we like to offer our customers is using Color Bands. This technique of sewing in a chunk of color, either at the top of the curtain, through the length or more commonly, at the bottom, is a great way to update a plain white, gray or beige color drape. A touch of color is a great way to accent other interior design features in the space.

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