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Wallpaper Vendor Spotlight: Rebel Walls


Today’s blog post features the very bold and creative, Rebel Walls. A Swedish based company that thinks outside of the box when it comes to wallpaper production. Rebel walls believes in creating a product that is 100% personal, so if you don’t like what you see, create it yourself! A large part of interior design is selecting the right  wall covering and Rebel Walls believes that good design is experienced all the way to the wall. Not only does Rebel Walls revolutionize the wallpaper market, but they give people a tool to change the environment. With every unique wallpaper creation, Rebel Walls donates a portion of the sale to Habitat For Humanity, to help people build their homes.

Their Vision: Being a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish something that do not yet exist, you create it yourself.”

Now, onto the pretty wallpaper! There is a huge selection of pattern, floral, geometric, nature, skyline and colorful themes.They have it all. One of our favorites at the moment is the Green House Collection – a great representation of the power and diversity of nature. The Greenhouse patterns are fresh, add beautiful bursts of color and allow customers to choose the best pattern that reflect their personality.

Take a look below and be sure to get creative and get on over to

Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_7 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_12 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_14

Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_15

Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_11 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_9 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_5 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_4 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_8 Miami_Wallpaper_Companies_Rebel Walls_6


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