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Wallpaper: Get Creative with Miami’s Leading wallpaper company

Wallpaper 101: GET CREATIVE!

“Every Child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

One of the greatest pleasures one can take in a creative industry, feild, career or job is to indulgence in thinking outside of the box. At our Miami based wallpaper company, we love working with interior designers and decorators who challenge their customers with innovative and thoughtful wallpaper, window treatment and upholstery designs. We love the challenge as professional Miami Wallpaper vendors designers as well.

Take a look below at some inspiring ways to incorporate Wallpaper, and ultimately pattern, texture, color (and whatever else you can think of) into out-of-the-box home decor.



Wallpaper on the ceiling – why not!

DKOR Windows and Walls offers a full range of interior services for your home or business.

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