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DRAPERY IN MIAMI: The Importance of Pleating styles

Drapery in Miami 101: The Importance of Pleating Styles in Window Treatments 



The different drapery pleat styles are one of the things that make custom drapes stand out from others. At Dkor Windows and Walls we always explain to the customer the variety of options that they have to choose from.

Pleats give drapery panels structure and shape, it’s very important because without it, drapery panels could look lifeless and without the natural movement that they should have. Pleating gives the drapes a presence, and makes them look like an intentional style choice rather than an afterthought.

Take a look at some of our Miami Window covering examples:

Miami_Window_Treatment_Drapery_Wallpaper_Company Miami_Window_Treatment_Drapery_Wallpaper_Company_2

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