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Common Drapery Dilemmas

Common Drapery Dilemmas and Five Foolproof Solutions 

Below are five of the most common design dilemmas we have experienced with and heard from our clients when it comes to drapery. Read on for their foolproof solutions!




Dilemma 1: The scale of the window is too small for the wall

Create the impression of a large window by extending the drapery rod 1″ beyond the frame on each side. Adding a shade, like bamboo or a Roman, will also help to make the window’s height appear longer.



Dilemma 2: I have no room for Drapery Hardware 

No problem! Mount the curtain rods directly on the window’s frame. Use enough panels (depending on the number of windows) so there is full coverage when the curtains are closed.



Dilemma 3: There is a radiator or object directly under my window

This is a very common problem for City apartment dwellers that are scarce on space. In this case, use side panels that stay stationary for decorative emphasis and then add a roman shade in the middle for privacy.



Dilemma 4: My window is cramped or in the corner and I don’t have a lot of room for drapery 

If you do not have room for two drapery panels, use one that will slide. Make sure to mount the rod right up against the adjacent wall for support.



Dilemma 5: There is an irregularly shaped top window that makes my larger windows difficult to dress

Don’t worry about it! Dress the wider windows below with full panels that can be pulled fully closed and ignore the irregular window up top. Rather than trying to find a blind or shade that will fit the custom size, it’s easier to just let it be. If you are doing construction or renovations, another option is to square off the window for a Modern look or remove it completely if code compliant.


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