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How to Disguise Window Treatment Tracks

DKOR Window and Walls Waterfront Penthouse



Sure, you can install window treatments with a decorative curtain rod, but for a more custom luxurious look designers turn to tailored sheers with ceiling mounted tracks and pinch pleats to create a full and design worthy window dressing. Here is how to disguise window treatment tracks and the pleats with a custom decorative soffit.

At our recent Fort Lauderdale residential project, our team was able to work with the contractor to develop a soffit that disguise window treatment ceiling mounted tracks and the pinch pleat of the custom sheer draperies.

A ceiling mounted track allows for the longest possible panels that add dramatic height to a room. In cases where there are several windows that are broken up a ceiling mounted track provides a continuous stretch for panels to give the illusion that the room is lined with windows and disguise walls or window frames that may distract from the view.




DKOR Window and Walls- How to disguise window treatments and hardware

The custom soffit is also an added architectural feature that also disguises the room features that may break up the space. In the living room of the same Fort Lauderdale penthouse the building had slightly arched windows. The soffit provided a single straight architectural element to give the window a more modern look and disguise the window treatment track and pinched pleat hardware.

Another great example of how to disguise the window treatments and give the windows or sliding doors a more softer appearance is shown in the bedroom of the Waterfront Contemporary Elegance project where the soffit was wrapped along the corner giving a full and continuous sheer window treatment.



DKOR Window and Wallls- How to disguise window treatments
DKOR Window and Wallls Waterfront Contemporary Elegance Residential Project

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